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The lowdown on advertising possibilities on GW

GW rarely follows given standards, and our approach to online advertising is no different. It’s a little wacky, a little off-the-wall, but it’s GW – for better or worse.

We don’t have a “$x.xx for x days” banner pricing grid. What we offer are unlimited levels of sucking up. That’s right – we’re going to shamelessly sell our souls for cash.

Why put up a banner everyone’s been trained to ignore? How many similar banners have you clicked on yourself in the past? Screw banners. Let’s revolutionize the world of online advertising: depending on your budget, we will kiss your ass like it’s never been kissed before. The bigger the budget, the more attention you get. How far can this attention go? As far as the eye can see – there are no limits. Get mentioned (positively) in Guile’s Rant, get your band flogged on the next Guile’s Song of the Moment, watch a kiss-ass article about your product suddenly show up on the front door… that’s lifetime commitment in our archives, buddy.

But our souls don’t come cheap. In fact, they’re pretty darn expensive. Heck, we probably couldn’t afford our own rates ourselves, that’s how expensive we ar~.3

Ok, I’ve just been told to tone down the honesty a bit. So, how much are we talking about? Well, because this system is unprecedented, we’ll let you decide. We’ve had a few inquiries about advertising on these pages since the site went up and we ask that people send us their budgets via email. It should however be noted that 2-digit budgets aren’t even worth the paperwork on this en~93s

Ok, OK! Less honesty, FINE! For more information, email us by clicking here with an estimation of just how much exposure you are looking for and what kind of budget you have allocated for advertising.

Dixon Tufar
GW Ad Sales

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