Blank Media Levy Coming to MP3 Players, Recordable DVDs and Flash Memory

Toronto Star article here says that the Canadian Private Copying Collective, the group that collects and distributes the Blank Media Levy (it’s not a tax), have just about managed to get the Copyright Board to impose the levy, which currently only applies to blank CDs, audio cassettes, DATs and Sony minidiscs, on MP3 players, recordable DVDs, flash memory and other types of removable media. Plus, the existing levy is going to be hiked. A lot.

Anyone out there actually surprised by this? All of this was predicted by the people who fought against the levy in the first place.

Most of the stuff getting slapped by the levy for the first time is going to cost about 20% more. Also, existing levies are being hiked; for example, 700MB blank CDs (which already have a levy imposed on them) are going to cost an extra 49¢ each. Yes, each, adding $24.50 to a pack of 50 that currently costs $29.99.

Between the levy and the rising loonie, it looks like it’s time to start making shopping trips to Buffalo again.

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