I’m getting sick and fucking tired of the number of women who bash on men (especially white men, naturally) and categorize all of us as misogynistic woman-haters. What, you see a handful of assholes on the internet and immediately slap a label on anybody wearing a penis? (Answer: Yes, that’s exactly what you’re doing.)

You know the biggest difference between men and women? I once had a woman yell out her window, “Hey sexy, have a nice day!” Do you know what I didn’t do? Get all butthurt about it and rant online about the modern state of sexism and how it makes me feel inadequate, nor did I start a Tumblr, blog, and YouTube channel about the problems of sexism in our society, then pretended this lady affected my life in any meaningful way.

Don’t sit on the internet and act like you’re rallying for gender equality when you’re actually just as bad as the male misogynistic assholes, only on the flip side of the coin.

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