George, George, George

It’s stuff like this that makes so many Canadians hate America…

I’ve had some pretty harsh things to say about America in the past, both on this page and in my every day life. But it was all in fun. The usual good-natured bashing that happens when Canadians talk about America, and vice-versa. America may have occasionally pissed me off, but Americans are good people. Maybe a little too loud, a little too overtly patriotic, but good people.

That’s all over. No mercy.

About two hours ago, U.S. President George W. Bush finished his speech to Congress.

It’s taken me this long to calm down enough to form coherent sentences.

For the past nine days, Canadians have supported America. Peace, order and good government have made room to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have felt your pain. We have supported you. We’ve offered you aid, we took in your airplanes, we sheltered your displaced citizens. We flew our flags at half-mast. We stood by you in your hour of need, and have told you, unequivocally, that we will stand with you in the war on terrorism. We’ve even sent fucking dog booties so your search and rescue dogs don’t get hurt and can keep looking for survivors.

And this is how George thanks us.

In a thirty-five minute speech, he couldn’t take thirty-five seconds to thank us for what we did.

“America,” he said, “has no truer friend than Great Britain.”

Excuse me?

What did Britain do? They sent words of sympathy. They played The Star Spangled Banner at Buckingham Palace. And they sent Tony Blair. Whoopie.

You mentioned Britain. You mentioned France, Germany and South Korea. You mentioned Egypt and Australia, Africa and Latin America, Pakistan and Israel and India and El Salvador and Iran and Japan. You mentioned fucking Mexico! You talked about how great the outpouring of support was, and the lost lives of citizens of those countries. I guess the support of your biggest trading partner means nothing to you. I guess the Canadian lives lost in the World Trade Centre mean nothing to you!

We offered you a hand, we opened up our hearts and wallets for you, gave blood for you, and you spat in our face.

Sure, we’ll live up to what we promised. We’re Canadians, we do things like that. We don’t forget our promises, or who our friends are supposed to be.

But that’s it.

Fuck you, America.

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