Have Yourself a RIAA-Free Christmas

Here’s the perfect site for anyone who loves music and/or wants to give music for Christmas, who’s also sick of the way the recording industry treats their customers (that’s us) and the artists.

At RIAA Radar, you can look up an artist or album and find out if they’re on a big RIAA label, or an independent label. Or, you can browse their charts of the top indie music available at Amazon, sorted by genre. You’ll be amazed who’s available independently these days: Warren Zevon, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Michael Bolton, Jimmy Buffett, Dolly Parton, Steve Winwood, Sevendust, Kenny Loggins, Kylie Minogue, Mannheim Steamroller, Rancid, Hall & Oates, Roy Obrison, Steve Earle, Jamiroquai… and that’s just in their Top 100 list! Plus hundreds more you’ve never heard of, with links to Amazon customer reviews, so you won’t be buying blind.

Reward the artists and labels who fight the system, and find some cool indie music at the same time with RIAA Radar!

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