If Everyone Else Is Doing It, It Must Be Right, Right?

The Gordon Lightfoot Subsidy Act continues to piss me off…

Just a little something that occurred to me the other day. First off, read this press release:

Now, of particular interest is this paragraph:

“Approximately 40 countries, including most G-7 and European Union members, have introduced comparable legislative measures to address the issue of private copying of sound recordings.”

(Ou, “Environ 40 pays, y compris la plupart des membres du G-7 et ceux de l’Union européenne, ont adopté des lois semblables pour résoudre le problème de la copie d’enregistrements sonores pour usage privé,” si vous lisez la page française.)

Interesting. According to this CPCC/SCPCP press release, released two whole days earlier, the number is “more than 25”. That can be safely assumed to mean “less than thirty”, which is nowhere near ”approximately 40“, unless you’re a politician I suppose. And not one of the countries is actually mentioned. I want names, damnit!

They’ve also conveniently ignored the fact that when the Australian government tried to enact something similar, the Aussies gave them a collective “Fuck off!”

Need I say more?

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