It’s Spreading to the Rest of the Games Industry

Not my boycott, but the fallout from ea_spouse and Joe Straitiff’s posts is spreading to encompass other games producers with similar “management styles”. (I use quotes around “management styles” because what they’re doing isn’t management. I know, I’m a manager.) Atari in particular is being pointed to as another company that works on constant “crunch time” like EA.

The International Game Developers Association (I think you can figure out what they do just from their name) has issued an open letter calling on game developers to take responsibility for quality of life issues in the games industry. In it, they point out developers who look after their employees, including BioWare (Baldur’s Gate series, Neverwinter Nights series, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic), Firaxis (Civilization III series, Alpha Centauri series, Sid Meier’s Pirates!), Team17 (Worms series), Blue Fang (Zoo Tycoon series), Cyberlore (MechWarrior series, Majesty series, Risk, Playboy: The Mansion [boy, that team had a tough job, eh?]), and Ensemble (Age of Empires series, Age of Mythology). Those are just some of the companies we should be buying from.

CNET has picked up the story and is really running with it.

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