Keep An Eye On These Guys

Petroglyph Games is a new company based in Las Vegas, mostly made up of ex-Westwood staffers. Hopefullly, they’ll be the true inheritors of the Westwood legacy, in deed if not in name.

I love the line on their site, “We are currently working on an amazing product with a publisher we are proud to be partners with.” A thinly-veiled shot at EA if I’ve ever heard one!

I can hardly wait to see what they have in the works! They’ve promised to unveil it at E3 2005! 11 months and counting!

P.S.: Check out the length of the legs on the woman on the extreme left of the staff photo. Talk about legs that go all the way up! 😉

[Edit: 27 June 2004] Erk, they’ve changed the picture on the home page, and I don’t see the woman I was talking about in the new pic. 🙁

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