Microsoft Technical Support

You’ll never guess who I’m mad at now… Time’s up, answer’s Microsoft. (This is getting repetitive, isn’t it?)

Went to look for something at the Microsoft Technical Support site the other day. You know, the one I was griping about the cookies a couple of months ago? Well, they’ve gone beyond now. Now, not only do you have to accept the cookies, but now you also have to log in. Name, e-mail, street address, the whole nine yards. Apparently Microsoft needs your phone number to tell you how to stop Windows 95 from locking up when you shut it down. Piss on that. As far as Microsoft knows, I’m from Iowa.

This is what everyone needs to do. Leave fake info, and make it obviously fake. According to the info I gave them, Iowa is now in Khazikstan. If enough people do it, they’ll give it up. “Information should be free” someone once said. They’re not charging for it, not yet at least, but they’re making it as difficult as they can to get at it. This is our chance to show Microsoft who’s really boss: who really owns our computers; who really owns our Web. We do, not Microsoft, and it’s time they realized it.

Unless, of course, they want more people visiting from Iowa, Khazikstan.

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