Microsoft: Who Would You Like To Piss Off Today?

Things just keep getting worse and worse between me and Microsoft, don’t they?

Today I had some free time, so I surfed over to Microsoft’s support site to check if there’s any new Windows 95 updates I should investigate. Turns out, the site’s moved to a new server, and you can’t access it unless your browser’s set to accept cookies. I don’t accept cookies. Not from anyone, and especially not from Microsoft. They already know more than enough about me, without finding out what pages I check regularly. So, looks like no more tech support from Microsoft. Thanks.

This isn’t the first page where I’ve seen this, either. There’s other pages on the web that won’t let you in unless you accept a cookie, too. Is this the new trend, forcing us to accept cookies, or else we can’t access the pages? I guess this is their way of making cookies useful to them again, since most people who know anything about cookies have found some way of turning them off. Even Microsoft’s own browser lets you do that, then they make a site requiring you to accept cookies?

Here’s the problem with cookies: Do you want anybody keeping track of where you go, what you see, even what you click on while you’re on the Web? I’m not even talking about doing anything illegal, there’s nothing illegal about browsing the Web. But using a cookie, a Web-site operator can find out where you came to their site from, track your every move around the site, and even see where you go when you leave! It’s an invasion of privacy. And forcing you to accept a cookie like Microsoft’s site does amounts to “You have to tell us everything we want to know about you, or you can’t get what you want.” I’m not accusing them of tracking you like this, but it could be easily done if they wanted to. It’s a frightening thought, isn’t it?

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