More EA Backlash

Looks like ea_spouse’s post is generating quite a bit of discussion. Slashdot and CNET, among others, have picked it up. George Broussard of 3D Realms piped in with his comments. (Hey George, shouldn’t you be working on Duke Nukem Whenever?) The blogosphere’s having a field day with it, too, including this post from an ex-EA-via-Maxis employee named Joe Straitiff who was fired for refusing to work EA’s insane hours. SnarkySpot’s tracking the ongoing reaction to the post and other related posts and articles. There is also a pending class-action lawsuit by EA’s own employees over EA’s overtime policies, too. Kotaku (the site for obsessive gamers who have no life) also has an article on the lawsuit.

Stop supporting EA and the way they treat their employees! You don’t need to play NHL 2005 that badly! (Sega’s ESPN games are better, anyways.) If you think you really do need to play something of theirs that badly, wait a few months for it to show up in the used games section at your local EB, when you can buy it without EA getting any money for it!

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