Tonight would have been the opening game of the Toronto Maple Leafs 2004/2005 season, against the New Jersey Devils. Instead, I’m firing up the PS2.

Enough’s enough.

I’m tired of NHL players who think that they should be set for life at age 26 after a four-year career.

I’m tired of NHL owners who pay the players more and more every year, then cry poor while raising ticket prices so high that they’re practically inaccessible to an average Joe like me, unless I happen to get a hold of a pair of Eliott’s tickets.

And I’m tired of the owners and players holding us fans hostage in this unnecessary Mexican stand-off.

I pledge to penalize the NHL in the same way it is penalizing me. For every game missed because of the current lock-out, I will skip one game whenever hockey actually returns. If it’s twenty games, I’ll skip twenty more. If it’s the whole season, say goodbye to 2005/2006, too. In addition, I will avoid all NHL-related items until the ban is over. This includes merchandise, publications, special events, special cable packages, and hockey pools and other wagering.

I urge everyone to join in the ban and say the pledge:

As a fan of hockey, I pledge to demonstrate my anger at being locked out for the regular season by penalizing the NHL and NHLPA, in return, a game for every game missed.

Remember what the NHL owners and players have forgotten: It’s all about the fans!

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