Reality Summer

Reality Summer is finally over. There’s been a glut of “train-wreck TV” over the last four months. The quality hasn’t always been there, of course, but the quantity certainly was.

Let’s see what’s come and gone over the summer:

The Amazing Race 4
Big Brother 4
For Love or Money
For Love or Money 2
Joe Schmo (not gone yet, but I stopped watching)
Last Comic Standing
Paradise Hotel
Who Wants to Marry My Dad?

And that’s not including the ones I passed on, including American Juniors, The Anna Nicole Show, Canadian Idol, Cupid, Fame, The Family, The Osbournes (sorry, but they stopped being funny after the first season), Performing As, Race to the Altar, The Restaurant and Temptation Island 3.

No wonder the summer seemed to go so fast. I spent four or five nights a week planted in front of the TV for an hour or two!

Monday was For Love or Money 1 & 2 and Paradise Hotel.
Tuesday was Who Wants to Marry My Dad?, Last Comic Standing and Big Brother 4. Plus the first couple of episodes of Joe Schmo, before I decided to give it a pass.
Wednesday was Big Brother 4 (again!) and Paradise Hotel (again!).
Thursday was The Amazing Race.
Friday, when I was home, was Big Brother 4, for the third time.
And CBS ran Big Brother 4 on Saturday a couple of times, instead of Friday!

I figure I lost around 100 hours into the reality TV sinkhole this summer. Fortunately, with last night’s finale of Paradise Hotel (Dave, you had it won three weeks ago, but you couldn’t shut up!) they’re all over, except Joe Schmo. Which I’m not watching. Fortunately, I never got into The Bachelor, so all that’s demanding my attention on the TV now is The West Wing and Survivor: Pearl Islands. From nine hours a week to two. I can have a life again!

Hey Havok, wanna blow sh*t up?

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