Rumour and Innuendo

Just a quick announcement to let you know that rumour says that the CPCC/SCPCP intends to ask the Copyright Board to include video tapes and computer hard drives as blank media to be covered by the Bryan Adams Subsidy Act.

Remember, that’s only a rumour.

I hope it ends up being true, though. No, seriously. There’s two reasons:

  • Doing this will show everyone what greedy, uncaring sons of bitches SOCAN and the other so-called artist’s collectives are.
  • Nothing will get the Blank Media Levy (it’s not a tax) killed faster than trying to take money from big businesses. Name one Canada 500 company that doesn’t use computer hard drives. You can’t.

Now everyone hold your lighters in the air and start singing “Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Goodbye”. Don’t forget to pay your SOCAN tariff!

P.S.: I was asked the other day why I haven’t ranted about the Pentium III and the serial number Intel has thoughtfully embedded in it to make impersonating you easier for hackers everywhere. Well, Big Brother Inside covers it better than I ever could. For the latest information on the PIII serial number and the Intel boycott, visit BBI at

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