Same-Sex Marriage as a Bacon-Double Cheesburger

Many Canadians will not eat pork. Many Canadians cite biblical injunctions as their reasoning for not eating pork. And, many Canadians will not eat pork for other religious or health reasons as well. Nonetheless, in Canada the sale of bacon is still legal.

Similarly, there are Canadians who interpret the biblical prohibition against boiling a kid in its mother’s milk as meaning that they should not consume milk and meat in the same meal. But it is still legal for Canadians who enjoy milkshakes with their cheeseburgers to do so.

The Bible is not and must not be the basis upon which laws of this country are made. The basis of the laws of this country are to be found in the Constitution of Canada, especially the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the hearts of our elected and appointed representatives.

Why shouldn’t we use the Bible as a basis for our laws? Because our society is thousands of years more complex than that of Biblical days. Because the Bible tolerates slavery, the slaying of disobedient children, and ownership of women. Moreover, countries in which religious doctrine is used as the basis of law have been governments that Canada has historically opposed.

Consequently, any citation of the Bible with regard to the civil law of marriage, especially with regard to same-sex marriage, is moot.

Simply put: much like those who believe that God doesn’t want them to eat dairy and meat simultaneously abstain from eating bacon-double cheeseburgers, if you disapprove of same-sex unions, don’t enter into one.

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