The Copyright Cops Really Are Busting Down Doors

Our good friends in the Recording Industry Ass. of America have taken the law into their own hands and starting conducting police-style raids on street vendors of illegal CDs.

LA Weekly article

The RIAA is hiring ex-cops (including the former head of the ATF and, much to my horror, an ex-RCMP officer) and sending them into the streets of LA dressed in black raid vests (complete with “RIAA” stenciled on the back in big yellow letters) to take down the vendors. While I’m happy they’re finally focusing their efforts on something other than suing 12-year-olds and grandfathers, I can’t condone the illegal actions they’re taking during these raids, including:

  • impersonating a police officer
  • robbery
  • extortion
  • false arrest
  • trespassing

Not to mention being totally slimy and terrorizing some poor Hispanic who can barely understand a word of English.

There’s a word for when a private (or corporate) citizen takes the law into his or her own hands: vigilantism. It’s generally frowned upon, no matter how cool Death Wish is.

Hopefully, L.A.’s finest will take an interest in these actions and respond appropriately. Preferably wearing bullet-proof vests with “SWAT” emblazoned on the back.

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