The Future of the Song of the Moment

It’s week three of the weekly Song of the Moment experiment and I gotta tell ya, it’s not looking good.

Oh, I’m not having any problems keeping up with the postings. In fact, I’m enjoying it – knowing I have to post a new song every Monday instead of some time in the first few days of the month keeps it top-of-mind for me to make sure I do it right away, instead of eventually when I get around to it.

But there doesn’t seem to be any interest from you, my audience. No comments, no clicks, next-to-no page views… evidently I’m just posting into a void here and the only thing anybody comes to Guile’s World for is the Pathfinder RPG conversions – of course, almost nobody comments on those either, but at least there’s traffic to them. So, I’ll finish out the month as promised, but if there isn’t more interest displayed in it by the end of the month, the weekly experiment will be over, and the Song of the Moment might be done with as well, since there doesn’t seem to be any interest in it. I’m not wasting my time writing stuff nobody’s going to read.

So here’s your chance to determine the future of the SotM. It’s just over two full weeks until the end of June. If I get just one (1) positive comment from someone I don’t personally know on any SotM post between now and 12:00 am July 1st, I’ll keep posting SotMs, but I’ll go back to the old monthly plus occasional special occasions schedule. If I get a total of five (5) positive comments from unique visitors I still don’t personally know on any SotM posts by then, I’ll keep posting on a weekly schedule. And if I get zero (0) comments, then July 28th, 2015 will be the last Song of the Moment post, ever.

This site averages over 300 unique visitors per day, so it shouldn’t be hard for five of you to muster up the ambition to make a comment between now and the end of the month.

It’s your call.

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