The Terrorist Can Stay, But Granny’s Gotta Go

I didn’t think there was anyone stupider up on Parliament Hill than Sheila Copps, but Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan is obviously doing her part to help lower The Hill’s collective IQ, too.

Elizabeth Sweeny, an 84-year-old Australian woman, and her daughter Veronica have been ordered to leave Canada, despite months of negotiations with the federal Department of Citizenship and Immigration.

Veronica is a published novelist who came to Fredericton last May to research a book. Her mother, who lives on a pension, is also self-supporting. She accompanied her daughter on what she thought would be the vacation of a lifetime.

It became a life-changing vacation after she was stranded in the New Brunswick capital with a case of thrombosis, which makes her vulnerable to so-called economy class syndrome. The syndrome refers to the potentially fatal development of blood clots after a person sits for a long period of time in cramped quarters, such as the economy class seats of an airplane. Deep-vein thrombosis is caused when blood pools in the veins, usually in the calf. Medical experts say there’s evidence that long periods of inactivity can contribute to the condition. Clots may cause swelling and pain and can lead to loss of a leg. If a clot breaks loose and travels to the lung, what’s known as a pulmonary embolism, it can cause shortness of breath, pain, fainting and death. The Sweeneys believe the condition was triggered by the long flight to Fredericton from Australia.

In other words, Elizabeth is not well enough to fly. For that matter, the flight is potentially fatal to her.

The Sweeneys had applied to remain in Fredericton on compassionate grounds, but that request was turned down by federal authorities. The only way the expulsion could be stopped would be through a change of heart by Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan who recently refused to reconsider the case.

The Sweeneys have decided to fly to Ireland rather than risk the much longer trip to Australia. Veronica said her mother has Irish citizenship and they plan to settle in Dublin. The federal government has offered to fly the women first class and with a medical attendant, but the Sweeneys turned it down because they’d be charged the fare if they tried to re-enter Canada. Veronica hopes to return to Canada someday.

What can I say?

Evidently, if you’re an elderly, self-supporting woman from a fellow Commonwealth country, with a self-supporting daughter, and want to remain in Canada on compassionate grounds and are willing to go through all the bureaucracy and red tape and paperwork and who knows what other headaches, you’re out.

On the other hand, if you fly in from Afghanistan, flushing your papers down the toilet on the flight over, and scream that you’re a refugee because you’re persecuted, that’s cool, you can stay.

The only way either of these women could be dangerous is if someone picked one of them up and clubbed you with her.

Who’s responsible for this ass-backwards policy? Oh yeah, the federal Liberals.

Only in Canada can the self-supporting people get grilled for months on end about why they want to immigrate, but useless tits from third-world banana republics with absolutely no useful skills or means to support themselves are welcomed with open arms.

Immigrating to Canada is a privilege, not a right. That should apply double if you’re fucking useless.

I can hear it already. I’m gonna get called names. “Racist,” “bigot,” “asshole.” All the usual things that the defenders of political correctness scream at the top of their lungs in an effort to drown out the voices of reason that they don’t agree with.


It’s high time that the Liberals on The Hill took a nice long swim in a pool of reality. Preferably in the deep end, with cinder blocks chained to their ankles.

Did you know that it’s legal in Canada to be a member of a terrorist organization? That’s right, you can parade up Yonge Street proclaiming how great Hamas or al-Qaida or the FLQ or Shining Path are, and it’s fine, because that’s “protected speech”, the Canadian equivalent of freedom of speech. Which is fine, but can we please apply some common fucking sense to stop people from abusing it? Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom to be a jack-off.

Why isn’t being a terrorist illegal in Canada? Why aren’t we locking them up, or shipping them back to the shithole they came from until they figure out how to act in civilized society?

How many illegal immigrants are there in Canada? How many of them have links to terrorists, or are terrorists themselves? And why, dear goddess why do we let them stay when we do tell them to get out?

The people in charge of getting these vagrants out of the country say they don’t have the manpower to track them all down. Of course they don’t, the Liberals don’t want to lose the votes of the immigrants who were allowed to stay.

I say, put Blockbuster in charge of evicting these wastrels. If you’re like two days late with a video, they’re all over you. Let them go after the illegal immigrants and watch the problem disappear. Then we can treat people like the Sweeneys with the respect, dignity and kindness that Canada is supposed to be famous for.

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