What You Can’t Say

Excellent, insightful article on self-censorship, heretical thoughts and what to do with those thoughts. Should be required reading for the entire world, and especially for those people who think it’s necessary to enforce political correctness.

Some good excerpts:

“…at the high water mark of political correctness in the early 1990s, Harvard distributed to its faculty and staff a brochure saying, among other things, that it was inappropriate to compliment a colleague or student’s clothes. No more “nice shirt.” I think this principle is rare among the world’s cultures, past or present. There are probably more where it’s considered especially polite to compliment someone’s clothing than where it’s considered improper.”

“We often like to think of World War II as a triumph of freedom over totalitarianism. We conveniently forget that the Soviet Union was also one of the winners.”

“Argue with idiots, and you become an idiot.”

Read the whole article here.

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