Windows Reloaded

CNet is carrying a story about a planned interim release of Windows XP to keep the income stream flowing fill the gaping hole in the product line tide us over until Longhorn. The Microsoft geeks have watched The Matrix too many times, apparently, because it’s being dubbed “Windows XP Reloaded”. I assume that’s an internal name.

As Keanu would say, “Hmm… upgrades.”

Armed with this newly-revealed knowledge, Larry Ellison has prophetized the names of the next few Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP Reloaded
  • Windows XP Rebooted
  • Windows XP Reinstalled
  • Windows XP Removed
  • Windows XP Replaced (with Linux)

Coming soon: Desktop Agent Clippy Smith. “It looks like you’re trying to type a letter, Mr. Anderson.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced that the official name for Longhorn will be “Windows Forever” and it will be released “when it’s done”.

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