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Guile’s Song of the Moment for April 2014

War Eternal

Arch Enemy

War Eternal

Mid-March, Arch Enemy made an announcement that shook up the death metal scene: long-time vocalist Angela Gossow was stepping down, and her replacement was Canada’s own blue-haired death metal goddess, Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist. Below is the video for War Eternal, Arch Enemy’s first single with White-Gluz.

I’m not entirely certain how I feel about this. The song itself is pretty good and quite catchy, but even with new-ish guitarist Nick Cordle (he’s been touring with the band since 2012 but this is their first album with him) it doesn’t sound any different from any other Arch Enemy song with Gossow. Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge win for White-Gluz, but what I really liked about her singing with The Agonist was that she could do the growl vocals and the clean vocals, and do them both well. Arch Enemy doesn’t do clean vocals, so unless they suddenly start (which will alienate at least some of their fans) then, really, there’s no difference, except maybe Alissa’s much more revealing clothing choices.

Meanwhile, The Agonist have recruited a virtually unknown vocalist named Vicky Psarakis to replace Alissa. They’ve also released their first single with their new singer, entitled Disconnect Me. Psarakis sounds decent, and seems to fit in with the band well enough, but again, there’s no real difference. It’s like all this singer-swapping malarkey was for nothing.

Then again, at least the two bands managed to change out their singers with a minimum of drama. Nightwish should take notes.


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