Motionless in White

Guile’s Song of the Moment for April 2015

Break the Cycle

Motionless in White


I suppose you were expecting Élan from Nightwish? Have you listened to Endless Forms More Beautiful yet? Seriously, beyond the distorted guitars, is there anything remotely metal about Nightwish any more? Here’s the link if you really want to watch it instead.

Nope, instead we’re going with the latest from gothic metalcore band Motionless in White. Lead singer Chris Motionless may look like Billy the Puppet from the Saw movies but their music is nothing to laugh at: it’s dark, brutal, and meaningful, like all good gothic metal. They’re Marilyn Manson’s spiritual successors, going harder and louder than Manson ever would. MiW’s bassist even looks a lot like a young Twiggy Ramirez – in this video at least; other times he looks like a bad Rob Zombie rip-off.

But what I’m trying to say is: I like these guys. Enjoy!


Get the single Break the Cycle from iTunes

Get the album Reincarnate from Amazon

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