Never, Neverland

Guile’s Song of the Moment for Earth Day 2014



Never, Neverland

Canada’s own Annihilator was the second thrash band I ever listened to, even before Megadeth or Anthrax: Metallica was first, then came Annihilator. In fact, my personal “Four Horsemen of Thrash” would include Annihilator in place of Slayer. Annihilator were also the first thrash band I encountered to record a song with a Green Aesop, although I would soon learn that they certainly weren’t unique in this – in fact it’s pretty common amongst left-leaning thrash bands like Anthrax and Megadeth.

Stonewall is from Annihilator’s second album, Never, Neverland. This was also the album that introduced us to their revolving-door membership: Jeff Waters plus three or four others. By all accounts, this is because Jeff Waters is a huge, egotistical douchebag. But he’s an amazing guitarist and a legend in the Canadian metal scene, so anybody with any sense would jump at the chance to play on even one Annihilator album. The vocalist for this album was Coburn Pharr who did a decent job even if he wasn’t as good as the vocalist for the first album: Randy Rampage (and his name was nowhere near as awesome).


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