Guile’s Song of the Moment for Earth Day 2015

Toxic Garbage Island


The Way of All Flesh

Hey, I promised lots of songs this month, and here’s number four! Who loves ya, baby?

So yeah, Earth Day – the one day every year where corporations world-wide pretend to give a damn about the world they’re raping for shareholder profit.

Last year we featured Stonewall, an early 90’s thrash classic from Canada’s own Annihilator. This year, we leap into the 2010’s with Toxic Garbage Island from France’s Gojira.

Gojira are well-known for their environmentally-themed lyrics. While the title may make it sound like it’s a song about Manhattan Island, it’s in fact about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a massive area of the Pacific ocean twice the size of Texas containing more than three million (Imperial) tons of floating plastic debris. We created this huge mess by dumping our shit into the ocean – and it’ll never get cleaned up because that would take more money and effort than we as a species are willing to invest into something like this.

Yeah, I’m in a bad mood today.

At this point I’d normally say “Enjoy!” – but I don’t think that’s possible when talking about something like this.


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