Guile’s Song of the Moment for Easter 2014

Hide in the Fairytale


As the World Bleeds

I thought it would be fun for Easter this year to feature a Christian metal band that doesn’t suck.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

You see, generally speaking, modern Christian music sucks. Many of those old hymns were great and a lot of them would make great metal songs. Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war – fuck yeah! And I believe it’s impossible to listen to Handel’s Messiah or Mozart’s Requiem without feeling something awesome.

But somewhere along the way, it was decided that Christian music has to be light and fluffy. “Praise music” – the stuff you hear in modern Protestant churches that don’t use a hymnal – is the absolute worst. I get it – it has to be catchy and singable… but listening to that shit is pure torture for a metalhead like myself. Metal isn’t light and fluffy, or at least good metal isn’t light and fluffy. So we end up with anemic, wannabe metallers like Skillet and The Devil Wears Prada trying to achieve the metal sound without understanding the metal spirit and the metal attitude.

And it’s really a shame, because Jesus was totally fucking metal. Christ embraced sinners and the worst of the worst, and He didn’t put up with the bullshit (and especially the posturing) from the religious establishment (like the Pharisees). He wholly rejected society’s values and lived His principles. He spoke His mind and didn’t tolerate hypocrisy. That’s the very definition of a metal attitude. Then He went on to endure brutal torture and a slow, painful execution, when He could have gotten out of it by simply backing down. After He died, He went to Hell and proclaimed His victory, then got up and walked out of the grave. Any way you look at it, that’s badass.

Metalheads understand Him better, in a way, than the stereotypical WASP family at their local suburban church. Churches that would actually help their followers understand Him better if they played Megadeth instead of Hillsong Music. (Seriously, what band puts the word music in their name?)

Anyways, enough of that… back to my original point: it’s hard to find good Christian metal songs. Most run from “meh, nothing special” to “someone please take an ice-pick to my eardrums”. Christian metal bands tend to be whiny, preachy, or condescending. It’s not too hard to find decent music by bands who happen to be Christians (Evanescence comes to mind), but to find actual good Christian metal – that took a while.

But I persevered through a lot of crap just for you lot, because I’m like that, to find the following diamond in the rough: Hide in the Fairytale by progressive power metal outfit Theocracy. I don’t know anything about them, but I like the music and it has a good message without being whiny, preachy, or condescending, and right now that’s good enough for me. Rock on, Theocracy, rock on.


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