Guile’s Song of the Moment for June 8th, 2015

Digital World


Massive Addictive

Song two of the weekly SotM experiment is Digital World, the latest video from Amaranthe.

Amaranthe are a Swedish/Danish power metal/melodic death metal/metalcore band (nobody can quite seem to decide which category they fit under) who are notable for three things: their unique three-vocalist setup, their ability to combine heavy metal riffs with poppy melodies, and a guitarist who looks like he’s trying out for the part of Lucius Malfoy in a Harry Potter movie (okay, I made the last one up).

Their three lead vocalists each have a unique vocal style: Elize Ryd is pop, Jake E is hard rock, and Henrik Englund is metal growl. This diversity in singing styles lets them cover a much wider variety of styles than most metal bands, but also makes it difficult to classify their genre – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you.

Amaranthe’s first, self-titled album received mixed reviews, but received enough interest to justify a second album, The Nexus, which really knocked it out of the park.

Their third album, Massive Addictive dropped in 2014, and based on the songs released as videos was a little worrying – Drop Dead Cynical felt a little too poppy to many listeners, and Trinity, in addition to being just a lyric video, wasn’t that great a song. Fortunately, Digital World stepped up with just the right mix of pop and metal to satisfy long-time fans, and attract new listeners. I was worried for a while, but now I’m looking forward to their next release.

One funny thing I’ve noticed in the videos for Drop Dead Cynical and Digital World: when Elize and Jake sing in harmony (usually the chorus) they tend to mix Elize’s vocals louder, to the point where Jake is barely audible. This makes it look like Jake’s singing in Elize’s voice.



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