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I’m Back! Again!

Guile’s World is back, again! This time, we’re running on WordPress. Guile’s Song of the Moment is back, too! Guile’s Recommended Software is gone; it’s not worth the hassle to me. Everything else should be where it was before. New look, (mostly) same site.

Some stuff probably broke during the move; please bear with me while I clean up.


I’m Back!

That’s right, mofos! Guile’s back! Guile’s World has returned, and it’s back to its old self: no more Tucows, no more Blogware, and no more Domain Direct Hover (whatever the fuck a “Hover” is). Guile’s World is now powered by Domain Condo, HostGator, and Joomla!

This right here is the true successor to the original Guile’s Cool Stuff/Guile’s World. The blog version was just an unfortunate accident that I felt compelled to use while I was working at Tucows in order to “eat my own dog food,” so to speak. Inertia kept it sitting around as a blog with no updates for the past seven years. Now, all the best parts have returned, predominantly Guile’s Rant and Guile’s Recommended Software. All the best rants from the blog period have been included in Guile’s Rant, as well all the original rants, and some new rants that have never seen the light of day before now (except one that was posted to Facebook).

There’s also a new section: Role-Playing Games Stuff. New content has been added to other sections, take a look around and see what you find! Unfortunately, Guile’s Song of the Moment will not be returning (for those of you who have been around long enough to remember). Cool Creations and Achievement Awards may return at a later date.

So there you have it. Guile’s back and Guile’s World is back. You’ve been warned.