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The Age of Mortals Campaign published by Sovereign Press/Margaret Weis Productions is an awesome, epic campaign set in the world of Krynn, home of the Dragonlance saga. It takes characters literally from 1st level to 20th and above. It is also full of epic win.

The intent of this section is to give you everything you need to run the Age of Mortals Campaign using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules. None of the fluffy bits, like plots, character bios, and monster descriptions, are here, just the hard numbers updated for Pathfinder RPG. It’s up to you to find the hard-copy modules and books you need to run the campaign. Some of them can be found in Paizo’s store, but for the rest you’ll need to scour other online bookstores, your local stores, and quite likely eBay.

Have fun, and please feel free to contact me about anything regarding these updates.

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