Blade of Betrayal

+1 dagger of venom; AL NE; Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 15; Speech, 60 ft. darkvision and hearing; Ego score 14.
Lesser Powers: Hold person 3/day, item has 10 ranks in Bluff (total modifier +12), item has deathwatch constantly active.
Special Purpose: Defeat/slay good-aligned divine spellcasters (including divine entities and servitors).
Dedicated Power: Crushing despair.
Personality: Created by a priest of Mishakal who had turned to worshipping Chemosh, the blade of betrayal was used to kill a High Priest of Paladine, whose blood was used to desecrate a sacred temple. The blade absorbed a portion of its creator’s personality, becoming extremely sly and cunning, willing to lie, cheat, or say whatever it needs to in order to remain ‘useful’ and to perform its purpose: to slay any worshipper of the Gods of Light.
Description: The blade of betrayal, also known as the dagger of death’s embrace, is a dagger with a wicked blade that curves snakelike, with sharp edges and an even sharper point. The blade itself is pitch black and completely nonreflective, so as to not “betray” its wielder by glinting in ambient light. The crosshilt is shaped to resemble a cobra’s hood, offering some protection for the hand, with the blade emerging from the cobra’s open mouth, with small black scales covering the hilt and handle.
Moderate necromancy; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armour, poison; Price 77,502 stl.

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