Dragonpurge Amulet

Aura strong necromancy and transmutation; CL 15th
Slot neck; Weight 6 oz.


Created by Malystryx the Red several years before her death, this foul item is a 3-inch disk of star metal suspended on a chain of iron links. The disk has ten smoky quartz gemstones set into it, forming a circle, with a single graven symbol in the middle (the Draconic symbol for “skull”). The amulet was given to Gellidus as a gift and as a sign that Malys did not consider the White to be a competent threat. Gellidus in turn has given the amulet to Gilthanas.
The amulet’s primary purpose is the storage of dragon skulls. By uttering the command word and pointing at a true dragon’s skull (wyvern, tylor, dragonspawn, etc. skulls do not count) within 30 feet, the wearer of the amulet can cause the skull to vanish and become stored inside one of the smoky crystals. The quartz changes colour to match the type of dragon the skull once belonged to (red, green, copper, gold, etc). A second command word, while touching the smoky quartz, will cause the skull stored within to reappear anywhere within 30 feet of the amulet. Using the amulet is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
While the amulet is storing skulls, it bestows a number of benefits to the wearer. The amulet confers a +1 bonus to natural armour bonus for every 2 dragon skulls stored of young adult age or younger (rounded down), +1 for every dragon skull between adult and wyrm, and +2 for every dragon skull of great wyrm age or older. In addition, for every dragon skull stored of mature adult age or older, the amulet confers a +1 bonus to saving throws.
The dragonpurge amulet can be used on a living true dragon with modified effects. The amulet must have at least one empty smoky quartz gem. The wearer speaks the command word and must succeed on a ranged touch attack. Success indicates that the target dragon takes 15d6 damage and must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 15 + 1/2 wearer’s level + wearer’s Charisma modifier) or be stunned for 1d6 rounds. Spell resistance applies to this effect, which has a caster level of 15. The skull of any dragon slain by the amulet immediately becomes stored in one of the amulet’s gems.
Each time the dragonpurge amulet is used by a non-evil character to store a dragon skull, it temporarily bestows a negative level on the wearer. These negative levels never result in actual level loss, but they cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the amulet is worn. The levels go away at a rate of one per day, so if more than one dragon skull is stored in a 24 hour period, it can take two or more days for the negative levels to fade. The smoky crystals on the dragonpurge amulet each have a hardness of 10 and 5 hit points. If a gem is smashed, any skull stored within is immediately released and appears within 30 feet of the amulet. A smashed or broken gem is no longer capable of storing skulls.

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