Hellfire Lash

Aura strong evocation; CL 12th
Slot none; Price 25,301 stl; Weight 4 lbs.

This +1 flaming burst speed whip is 15-feet long, of braided strands of supple black leather crafted from the hide of a red dragon and studded with jagged obsidian shards. The tip of the whip is weighted down with a wickedly spiked adamantine sphere. The handle of the whip is blackened bone, inset with a spherical obsidian at the base of the haft. When the whip is uncoiled and upon silent command by its wielder, the length of the whip is sheathed in a nimbus of hungry flames. Unlike a normal whip, this whip deals base damage as a spiked chain (2d4 damage as a Medium weapon), dealing both bludgeoning and slashing damage (in addition to the fire damage from the flaming burst special quality), and it will affect creatures with natural armour class. While the whip is wielded, it grants its wielder protection from cold, absorbing the first 10 points of cold damage each round that the wielder would otherwise take.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armour, haste, protection from elements, and flame blade, fireball, or flame strike; Cost 12,801 stl

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