Aura strong enchantment; CL 20th (see text)
Slot neck; Weight 3 oz.


According to legend, a willstone is one of only a handful of divinely wrought greenish-yellow jewels granted to the earliest inhabitants of Krynn by the gods of nature. Habbakuk granted his to the elves; Chislev bequeathed hers to the bakali lizardfolk; and Zeboim entrusted her willstone to the sea dragons. Over time, the jewels have passed between individuals, fallen into the wrong hands, become lost, or stowed away in vaults or subterranean caverns out of sight and out of mind. Each willstone is a focus for the will of its bearer, capable of granting that individual great power over nature and the natural world.
The bearer of a willstone increases her caster level by +1 for the purpose of variable spell effects and overcoming spell resistance when casting enchantment spells or using enchantment spell-like abilities and effects. Saving throw DCs for these effects are also increased by +1. In addition, the willstone grants the bearer a +4 morale bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks for as long as it remains in her possession. The jewel must be visible for either of these enhancements to take effect; hiding the willstone or keeping it out of sight prevents its use. Creatures that cannot see the willstone, who are blind, or who do not possess visual senses are unaffected by these enhancements.
As a free action, the bearer of a willstone may cast dominate monster three times a day at a caster level equal to her Hit Dice or character level +1 (this includes the willstone’s enchantment caster level enhancement). Creatures with more Hit Dice or a greater character level than the effective caster level of the bearer are not affected by the willstone’s dominate monster effect. Creatures dominated by the bearer of the willstone are freed from her control if the willstone leaves her possession. Any creature that succeeds at a saving throw against this ability cannot be targeted again by the bearer of the willstone for another 24 hours. The willstone must be visible to the targeted creature in order for this ability to take effect, so blind or otherwise sightless creatures are unaffected by the willstone.
Occasionally, a willstone will manifest an ability other than those listed here; while they are creations of the gods, the gods have no particular presence within them, and thus their existence is seen by some scholars to be yet another sign of Chaos’s influence. For the purposes of this adventure, for instance, the Ghoul Queen is granted the power to use the willstone as a key element of the Great Rite of Wichtlani.

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