Amulet of proof against turning?

The continuing adventures of Ed vs. Jasmine. There are many important “rules” to DMing; one really important one is “know what your players are capable of.” Ed couldn’t seem to remember that rule.

The party had gotten pretty cocky by this time and Ed was once again determined to put us in our place. Which, as I explained before, means he wanted us all dead. I won’t go into the fact that eight mummies appeared pretty much out of the middle of nowhere (oops, I think I just did), because Jasmine quickly dispatched them with a Turn Undead roll. The mummies shuffled off back to wherever they came from, while Ed shot more daggers from his eyes. The group set up camp for the night, quickly forgetting about the mummies. We were woken up in the middle of the night by Jay’s character “Tark” (we still haven’t stopped teasing him about that name) yelling that the mummies were back. Seems that when they got back to their lair, the donned Amulets of Proof Against Turning and, the turning effect dispelled, they returned to get us. Guess they forgot them the first time they ventured out after us. Try finding the “Amulet of Proof Against Turning” in the second edition DMG. Here’s a hint: there’s no such item.

Turned out that Ed should have picked something tougher than mummies because we took them out with little difficulty. The fight lead to two other very funny moments, though. The first was during the fight, when Kevin’s character “Maria” cast expand on the bandages of one of the mummies and turned it into a giant puffball. A giant, flammable puffball. The second was after the fight. One of the mummies had scored a hit on Jasmine. The touch of a mummy rots organic material; fortunately, Jasmine was wearing plate mail armour. So Ed ruled that it rotted the undergarments and padding under the armour. Whatever. After the battle, Ed asked us each what our characters were doing. Maria was poking through the remains for valuables. Tark was scanning for other attackers. Ken’s character, whose name escapes me, was praying for thanks (the character was a home-made Wicca class). “And what’s Jasmine doing?” asked Ed. “Chafing,” I replied with a straight face. It was another of those brief pauses where everyone stops to think about what was just said. The pause was quickly followed by everyone, even Ed, breaking out in gales of laughter.

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