“Hello, my name is…” (SLUUURP!)

Donny’s character had died. Nothing out of the ordinary, no DM gunning for the characters (in other words, Ed wasn’t DM-ing). Just bad rolls at a bad time. So, Donny started making up a new character. He got his hands on a copy of Oriental Adventures and started rolling up a kensai. Don’t ask what a kensai was doing in Dragonlance, Ian was the DM.

Donny was practically getting hard over all the stuff a kensai can do. Having played one myself, I can attest that they rocked in Second Edition. But Donny was enjoying it so much that he was showing all the cool abilities to Jason. Bad move, because Jason agreed that they were cool abilities. In fact, they were so cool that Kale should have those abilities! As Donny’s new kick-ass kensai introduced himself to the rest of the party, Kale activated the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus while shaking hands, and that was the end of the character.

According to the rules, the Bloodstone cannot be used in this manner, but it was so funny at the time that Ian let it go. Unfortunately, Donny was less than impressed that two hours of his time had been wasted (time creating the character, then waiting for an opportunity to introduce the character). It wasn’t as funny years later when Donny finally admitted this was the reason he stopped playing.

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