“I cast ‘detect traps’.”

There are three kinds of DMs: good ones, ones who will be good in time, and ones who will spend their lives sucking eggs. Ed falls into the latter category. Ed was one of those DMs who counted his success by the number of characters he killed. Especially the ones he decided he didn’t like. There’s nothing wrong with killing characters every now and then, but the DM shouldn’t be gunning for them!

So there I was, on my third character of the campaign. (Ed didn’t like the first two, a fire elementalist and a saurial paladin.) Jasmine was a Lady of Mystery in the Forgotten Realms (Lady of Mystery is the formal title for a priestess of Mystra). Now, the Realms have what are known as dead magic and wild magic zones. In dead magic zones, no magic functions. In wild magic zones, magic goes nuts. Except for worshippers of Mystra, who are immune to these effects. Jasmine and the party were going through a pretty standard dungeon crawl when they came upon a room that practically screamed TRAP!!! So, I had Jasmine cast a “detect traps” spell. “It doesn’t work,” was Ed’s answer. “Dead magic zone?” I asked, to which Ed replied with a nod. “That’s nice,” I said, “I’m a priestess of Mystra. Dead magic zones don’t affect me. Is it a trap or not?” Ed shot daggers at me with his eyes while replying in the affirmative. A few moments later, after some quick work from the party thief, we were merrily on our way past Ed’s party-killing trap.

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