“I stomp on him.”

Paul was having a hard time in my Robotech game. Playing a hard-ass character, combined with some really bad die rolls at some really bad times, frequently found him in conflict with the other characters. Agreeing with him that the character was beyond redemption, I took pity on Paul and we discussed ways to have the character bow out gracefully. Then this was dropped in my lap.

The squad had been sent to the RDF Accelerated Training Program, which is pretty much like modern-day war games, except in mecha instead of tanks. In one of the final exercises of the program, the characters were getting beaten up pretty badly, by a bunch of people on motorcycles no less! They were too small and too fast for the 40-foot plus robots to hit easily. Paul had the great idea to stomp on one of the riders, and successfully scored the hit. The fight ground to a halt. It slowly dawned in on Paul that he had just stomped, not a rebel, but a fellow RDF member pretending to be a rebel for the training mission! Needless to say, not much was left of the poor fellow but red paste.

Paul’s character was court-marshalled and railroaded out of the RDF and into a military stockade, mostly because of the rest of the squad’s rather dubious “testimony.” Where’s the “bowing out gracefully” in that, you ask? It came days later (in game time), when Paul’s character was broken out of the stockade and recruited by the squad’s nemesis, Matthew Burke, where he proceeded to become an even bigger thorn in the characters’ sides than before as an NPC.

Just say the name “Matthew Burke” around Havok some time and watch the reaction.

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