“I turn and fire.”

Amber and Kelly Scotsdale were Juicer sisters played by myself and Havok in one of Jay’s Rifts campaigns. They were supernatural Juicers (Amber was a Maxi-Killer, Kelly was a Dragon Juicer; an interesting dichotomy itself) who pretty much ran roughshod over everything and everyone in their way. Until they died in a relatively mundane way. No, Jay didn’t put them up against monsters they couldn’t handle (that’s my specialty). They weren’t poisoned or crushed by heavy objects or murdered in their sleep. Nope, it was one bad decision that killed them.

The sisters had just arrived in the New West, and came across a recently abandoned gas station, with gas still in the big storage tanks. Two creatures (forget what) attacked them, and they separated during the fight. Amber was still fighting hand-to-hand under the big roof, Kelly and her opponent moved up the street. Kelly felt that, now that she was outside of the gas station, it was safe to open fire on the creature. So, she un-slung her grenade launcher, turned and fired. And Havok rolled a natural 1. The grenade sailed into the middle of the gas station, detonating and blowing up the gas station with it. Now, the explosion and subsequent fire were SDC damage, so physically Amber was in little or no trouble. But, fire means no oxygen, and she began to suffocate. She couldn’t get her bearings to find her way out and collapsed from asphyxiation. Kelly, horrified at what had just happened, ran into the conflagration, but couldn’t find Amber, and herself succumbed to the fire.

Just goes to show that nobody’s unstoppable.

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