“I wish I was as powerful as Kale.”

This was almost an RPG-related homicide. Ian was DM-ing his first Dragonlance game and two of the most powerful PCs were Kale (Jason) and Kemcni (Havok). Kale was a barbarian who found the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus and became an evil mage after being corrupted by it, while Kemcni (pronounced keh-mek-nee) was a kender who followed a similar path (by liberally “borrowing” the Bloodstone from Kale), a couple of levels behind. Kemcni got hold of a ring of three wishes with only one wish left. “I wish I was as powerful as Kale,” were the words that left Havok’s mouth. The rest of the (basically good-aligned) group groaned: the last thing we wanted around was another Kale. Ian smiled, turned to Jason and said, “Okay Kale, you are now the same level as Kemcni.” There was a moment of silence while everyone slowly realized just how badly Havok had screwed Jason over. (Unintentionally. Havok, of course, actually wanted his level raised to match Kale’s.) The session stopped cold while everybody burst out in laughter, except Jason, who just kind of sat there, fingering his pencil and staring at his hard-won levels.

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