“In the name of Maria Rathas, vengeance is mine!”

Sometimes, random dice rolls work out more perfectly than any DM plan. This was one of those occasions.

In Havok’s Ravenloft game, Jay’s character was magically induced to seek out vengeance for a dead NPC named Maria Rathas. After some time, the party eventually caught up to the priest who had killed her. The party hid behind a wall, discussing their plan to get him. Unfortunately, he was surrounded by about 20 undead, so wading in swinging seemed out of the question. Suddenly, Jay’s character stood up, screamed “In the name of Maria Rathas, vengeance is mine!” drew back on his bow and fired. Jay rolled a natural 20, which by our house rules at the time was automatically double damage. Then he rolled max damage, a six. Twelve points of screaming vengeance (not bad for a low-level Second Edition fighter) hit the priest, knocking him off his altar and leaving him with 1 hit point.

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