Welcome to Pandemonium.

I still don’t know if this was intentional on Ken’s part or not, but it was pretty damn funny regardless. Ken was DM-ing his first game ever. In Planescape! Not exactly where most people would choose to begin their DM-ing career, but he was damn good at it. (Heck, I still have trouble keeping everything in Planescape straight.)

Our party headed into the plane of Pandemonium on a mission. I forget the mission, but it’s not an integral part of this story. Echo, my character, had been to Pandemonium before; the rest of the party had not. Havok’s first character, Apok, had accompanied Echo on her first sojourn, but he was dead now (the character, not Havok).

Echo tried to prepare the party for the unusual conditions of Pandemonium, but they weren’t listening. Marc’s character, Käsemädchen, was creating far too much of her usual white noise for anyone else to do anything constructive.

So the party headed off to Pandemonium, woefully unprepared. As they headed through the portal out of Sigil, they were immediately thrown off-kilter by the gravity of the first tunnel they ended up in. Half of the party, including Echo, ended up seemingly pinned to the ceiling, while the rest of the party were on the floor. While the rest of the party figured out that if they jumped high enough or climbed the walls they would end up in the other gravity field, Echo simply picked up and carried on, walking on what had arbitrarily been termed the ceiling.

Echo wasn’t known for her glowing personality, and while she was respected by the rest of the party, they didn’t like her much. (Although the rest of the party preferred Echo to Käsemädchen because Echo was reliable, unlike Marc’s flighty wild mage.) Heck, sometimes I didn’t like her. So, the snide comments and under-the-breath derisions started. Kasey, especially, was getting into it. Marc and his partner-in-crime Chuck even started in on me, outside of the game. Havok, having had a character in Pandemonium before, kept everything in-game. Echo didn’t care what they said, because she knew it was pointless to try to fight the effects of Pandemonium; you just have to roll with them.

About half-an-hour later, the gravity shifted and the rest of the characters were unceremoniously dumped on their heads at Echo’s feet.

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