Long ago, there was a deity known as Aoskar who was the god of doors and portals. This made him popular amongst planewalkers, whose lives and livelihood depends on the passages between the planes. He eventually become so popular (and hence so powerful) that he began to threaten The Lady’s rule over Sigil. While her control over the City of Doors remained absolute, planewalkers would whisper prayers to Aoskar as they passed through portals in and out of Sigil – portals that were created and destroyed at the whim of The Lady of Pain. But she made no move against Aoskar, until one day one of her own servants left her to join Aoskar. When one of her dabus took the robes of Aoskar’s clergy, it was the final straw. The Lady’s retribution was swift, terrible, and complete. Aoskar’s temple was razed – it is now known as the Shattered Temple, headquarters of the Athar. All of his clergy in Sigil were flayed alive. She once again asserted her complete dominance of Sigil by killing Aoskar before casting his dead body out of Sigil to the Astral Plane and instituting her command that no deity ever be allowed within the confines of the city again. As for the traitorous servant – she had a special punishment in mind.

The dabus was cast out of her service, but was not destroyed. Instead, the being was stripped of their air-walking power and cast out of the dabus warrens beneath Sigil, left to walk the teeming streets of Sigil as one of the lesser beings who crowd the city. But she left the dabus with their regular agelessness to become a living symbol of what happens to those who attract The Lady’s ire. Even today, centuries later, many cagers are hesitant to associate with the outcast dabus, now known as Fell, lest The Lady’s gaze fall on them.

For details on Fell’s plans and personality, along with tactics in combat, see Fell’s entries in Uncaged: Faces of Sigil and Doors to the Unknown.

It was often speculated in Planescape material that Fell was in fact a proxy of Aoskar. I decided in this conversion to end the speculation: in my Planescape campaigns, Fell is definitively a proxy of the dead god.

Fell      CR 8

FellXP 4,800
Dabus cleric (Aoskar) 3 minor proxy (Portal) of Aoskar (Sign of One) (Expedition to the Demonweb Pits 192, Holy Orders of the Stars 79)
N Medium outsider
Init +5; Senses Perception +11

AC 21, touch 21, flat-footed 16 (+6 deflection, +5 Dex)
hp 84 (7d8+28)
Fort +10, Ref +7, Will +10
DR 5/magic; Immune ability damage, ability drain, disease, energy drain, petrification, poison, polymorph, mind-affecting effects; Resist acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10, fire 10; SR 7

Speed 30 ft.
Melee unarmed strike +7 (1d3+2 non-lethal)
Ranged blowgun +11 (1d2) or dart +11 (1d4+2)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 17th; concentration +23)
At willanalyze portal*, portal alarm, portal beacon*
3/day—gate ward*, greater gate ward*, scramble portal*
1/day—close gate*, redirect portal*, seal portal*
* New spell; see Portal Domain.

Str 15, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 20, Wis 22, Cha 22
Base Atk +5; CMB +7; CMD 22
Feats Alertness, Skill Focus (Craft [tattoo]), Skill Focus (Disable Device), Toughness
Skills Appraise +15, Craft (tattoo) +18, Disable Device +14, Intimidate +13, Knowledge (arcana) +15, Knowledge (history) +15, Knowledge (planes) +15, Perception +17, Sense Motive +15, Spellcraft +15, Survival +13, Use Magic Device +16
Faction Traits Centre of All, Illusion Perception
Languages visual only; telepathy 100 ft.
SQ activate portal, close portal, immortality, symbols
Gear blowgun, 5 darts, silver holy symbol of Aoskar

Symbols (Su) The picture symbols that appear above Fell’s head when he communicates may be permanently grafted onto any smooth surface as a tattoo. These symbols also have a chance to become solid, real-life objects or creatures. Each round of a communication with a PC, roll 1d20. On a roll of 1 a symbol becomes a real, beneficial object (such as a gate key). On a roll of 20, a harmful symbol (such as a monster) will become real. Fell will never be attacked by his symbols, but neither can he control them. Symbols that become real remain so for (1d4+4)×10 minutes before dissipating into nothingness.

Guile’s Note: As a cleric of a dead god, Fell receives no spells or other abilities from Aoskar. However, as a minor proxy of Aoskar, he retains a tiny portion of the deity’s divinity, which gives him the spell-like abilities and other abilities of a proxy.

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