A renamed Pathfinder Roleplaying Game update of the hardhead prestige class from

I renamed it because I’m pretty sure members of the Harmonium don’t refer to themselves by the derogatory “hardhead” nickname.


Hit Die: d10.


To qualify to become a measure, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Alignment: Any lawful.
Base Attack Bonus: +3.
Base Will Bonus: +2.
Feats: Iron Will, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (mancatcher).
Special: Must be a member in good standing of the Harmonium faction.

Class Skills

The measure’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Acrobatics (Dex), Climb (Str), Intimidate (Cha), Perception (Wis), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), and Survival (Wis).
Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

Class Features

All of the following are Class Features of the measure prestige class.
Weapon and Armour Proficiency: A measure is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armour (heavy, light, and medium) and shields (including tower shields).
Harmonious Mind (Su): Measures working as a group have perfected their uniformity to the point where they almost seem to share a common mind. A measure is not surprised or flat-footed if any other measure within 100 feet is not surprised or flat-footed. He also cannot be considered flanked unless every other measure within 100 feet is also flanked.
Smite Chaos (Su): Once per day, a measure can call out to the powers of law to aid him in his struggle against chaos. As a swift action, the measure chooses one target within sight to smite. If this target is chaotic, the measure adds his Charisma bonus (if any) to his attack rolls and adds his measure level to all damage rolls made against the target of his smite. If the target of smite chaos is an outsider with the chaotic subtype the bonus to damage on the first successful attack increases to 2 points of damage per measure level. Regardless of the target, smite chaos attacks automatically bypass any DR the creature might possess.
In addition, while smite chaos is in effect, the measure gains a deflection bonus equal to his Charisma modifier (if any) to his AC against attacks made by the target of the smite. If the measure targets a creature that is not chaotic, the smite is wasted with no effect.
The smite chaos effect remains until the target of the smite is dead or the next time the measure rests and regains his uses of this ability. At 5th level and again at 10th level, the measure may smite evil one additional time per day, as indicated on Table: Measure, to a maximum of three times per day at 10th level.
Command (Sp): Starting at 2nd level, a measure is able to use command once per day for every 2 measure levels he possesses. His caster level for this effect is equal to his class level. DC 11 + the measure’s Charsima modifier.
Rigid Thinking (Ex): Starting at 3rd level, the measure’s mind is shielded against chaos. He gains his Charisma modifier (if positive) to all saving throws against spell with the chaotic descriptor, as well as spells and abilities of chaotic beings.
Armour Mastery (Ex): Starting at 4th level, a measure is able to wear his armour like a second skin and ignore the standard speed reduction for wearing medium armour. Starting at 9th level, he ignores the speed reduction imposed by heavy armour as well.
If the measure has levels of fighter, instead his measure levels stack with his fighter levels to determine when his armour training ability allows him to move at normal speed in heavy armour. This ability has no other effect on the fighter’s armour training ability.
Martial Expertise (Su): Starting at 4th level, any weapon the measure uses, including natural weapons and unarmed strikes, are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Starting at 7th level, his weapons are also treated as lawful weapons for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction. Starting at 10th level, his weapons are treated as cold iron weapons for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction.
Enforce Law (Sp): Starting at 6th level, the measure is able to cast dispel chaos once per day. His caster level for this effect is equal to his class level. DC 15 + measure’s Charisma modifier.
Aura of Order (Su): Starting at 8th level, any chaotic spellcaster within 10 feet of the measure must make a concentration check (DC 10 + measure’s class level + measure’s Charisma modifier) in order to successfully cast a spell. Failure indicates the spell is lost. This ability can be suppressed as a free action.
This ability functions while the measure is conscious, but not if he is unconscious or dead.
Suppress Chaos (Sp): Starting at 9th level, the measure is able to cast dictum once per day. His caster level for this effect is equal to his class level. DC 17 + measure’s Charisma modifier.


A measure who ceases to be lawful, who willfully commits a chaotic act, who leaves the faction, or who varies from the orders of a Harmonium superior loses all measure abilities except weapon, armour, and shield proficiencies, and armour mastery. He may not progress any farther in levels as a measure. He regains his abilities and advancement potential if he atones for his violations (see the atonement spell description), as appropriate, if his fellow Hardheads don’t sentence him to the leafless tree first.

Table: Measure

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
1st +1 +1 +0 +0 Harmonious mind, smite chaos 1/day
2nd +2 +1 +1 +1 Command
3rd +3 +2 +1 +1 Rigid thinking
4th +4 +2 +1 +1 Armour mastery (medium), martial expertise (magic)
5th +5 +3 +2 +2 Smite chaos 2/day
6th +6 +3 +2 +2 Enforce Law
7th +7 +4 +2 +2 Martial expertise (lawful)
8th +8 +4 +3 +3 Aura of order
9th +9 +5 +3 +3 Armour mastery (heavy), suppress chaos
10th +10 +5 +3 +3 Martial expertise (cold iron), smite chaos 3/day


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