On Hallowed Ground

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game contains information on the gods of Golarion, the world of the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting. But for Planescape, any deity from any world could potentially be available. Below are updates for deities of other worlds.

Yup, you guessed it. This is a work in progress.

Core D&D v.3.5 Powers (Complete Divine)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Bahamut LG Good dragons, wind Air, Good, Luck, Protection, Scalykind bite or heavy pick
Boccob N Magic, knowledge Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Trickery quarterstaff
Corellon Latherian CG Elves, magic, music, arts Chaos, Community, Good, Protection, War longsword
Ehlonna LG Forests, flora and fauna, fertility Animal, Good, Plant, Sun longsword
Erythnul CE Slaughter, panic Chaos, Evil, Madness, Trickery, War morningstar
Fharlanghn N Roads, travel, distance Luck, Protection, Travel, Weather quarterstaff
Garl Glittergold NG Gnomes, humour, gemcutting Artifice, Community, Good, Protection, Trickery battleaxe
Gruumsh CE Orcs, war, territory Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, War spear
Heironeous LG Valour, chivalry, war, daring Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, War longsword
Hextor LE Tyrrany, war, conflict, fitness Destruction, Evil, Law, War flail
Kord CG Strength, athletics, courage Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength greatsword
Kurtulmak LE Kobolds, traps Evil, Law, Luck, Scalykind, Trickery spear
Lolth CE Drow, spiders, darkness Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Trickery whip
Moradin LG Dwarves, smithing, engineering Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection warhammer
Nerull NE Death, murder, underworld Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery scythe
Obad-Hai N Nature, freedom, hunting, beasts Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Liberation, Plant, Water, Weather quarterstaff
Olidammara CN Rogues, music, revelry, tricks Chaos, Charm, Luck, Trickery rapier
Pelor NG Sun, light, healing Glory, Good, Healing, Repose, Strength, Sun heavy mace
St. Cuthbert LN Retribution, wisdom, zeal, discipline Destruction, Law, Protection, Strength heavy mace
Tiamat LE Evil dragons, conquest Destruction, Evil, Law, Trickery, Scalykind bite or heavy pick
Vecna NE Secrets, intrigue Evil, Knowledge, Madness, Magic, Rune dagger
Wee Jas LN Death, magic, vanity Death, Law, Magic dagger
Yondalla LG Halflings, explorers Community, Good, Law, Protection, Travel short sword

Other Greyhawk Powers (Complete Divine)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Beltar CE Malice, caves Chaos, Earth, Evil, War spiked gauntlet
Bralm N Insects, industry Animal, Community, Law, Strength quarterstaff
Celstian N Astronomy, wanderers Darkness, Knowledge, Protection, Travel, Void longsword
Cyndor LN Time, infinity Law, Protection, Travel sling
Delleb LG Written lore, study Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rund morningstar
Geshtai N Rivers, lakes Plant, Travel, Water, Weather spear
Incabulos NE Plagues, famine, disasters Death, Destruction, Evil quarterstaff
Istus N Destiny, the future Chaos, Knowledge, Law, Luck spear
Iuz CE Deceit Chaos, Evil, Trickery greatsword
Joramy N Volcanoes, wrath Destruction, Fire, War quarterstaff
Lirr CG Poetry, art Charm, Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Travel rapier
Llerg CN Beasts Animal, Chaos, Strength battleaxe
Mouqol N Trade, negotiation Knowledge, Travel, Trickery light crossbow
Osprem LN Ships, sea voyages Law, Protection, Travel, Water trident
Pholtus LG Light, order, steadfastness Good, Knowledge, Law, Sun scythe
Procan CN Oceans, sea weather Animal, Chaos, Travel, Water, Weather trident
Pyremius NE Poison, assassins, fire Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire longsword
Rao LG Peace, serenity Community, Good, Knowledge, Luck light mace
Telchur CN Winter, cold Air, Chaos, Strength spear
Tharizdun NE Insanity, entropy Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness check toee
Trithereon CG Individuality, liberty Chaos, Good, Liberation spear
Wastri LN Bigotry, amphibians Animal, Law, Scalykind, War glaive
Xan Yae N Shadows, stealth Darkness, Knowledge, Trickery, War falchion
Zuoken N Monks, mental powers Knowledge, Strength, War nunchaku

Monster Powers (Complete Divine)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Annam N Giants Knowledge, Magic, Plant Sun slam or shortspear
Blibdoolpoolp CE Kuo-toas Destruction, Evil, Water pincer staff
Callarduran Smoothhands N Svirfneblin Darkness, Earth, Good, Healing, Protection battleaxe
Deep Sashelas CG Aquatic elves Chaos, Good, Protection, Water trident
Diirinka CE Derro Darkness, Chaos, Evil, Magic, Trickery dagger
Eadro N Locathahs, merfolk Animal, Protection, Water trident
Great Mother CE Beholders Chaos, Death, Evil, Strength bite or greataxe
Grolantor CE Hill giants, ettins, ogres Chaos, Death, Earth, Evil club
Hiatea NG Female giants Animal, Good, Plant, Sun spear
Hruggek CE Bugbears Knowledge, Law, Magic morningstar
Iallanis NG Cloud giants, storm giants, stone giants Good, Healing, Strength, Sun slam or battleaxe
Ilsensine LE Mind flayers Evil, Knowledge, Law, Magic unarmed strike or tentacle
Kaelthiere NE Salamanders, efreet, azer Destruction, Evil, Fire, War spear
Laduguer LE Duergar Darkness, Earth, Evil, Law, War warhammer
Laogzed CE Troglodytes Darkness, Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil javelin
Maglubiyet NE Goblins, hobgoblins Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery battleaxe
Memnor NE Evil cloud giants Death, Evil, Trickery morningstar
Merrshaulk CE Yuan-ti Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Plant longsword
Panzuriel NE Merrows, scrags, krakens Destruction, Evil, War, Water quarterstaff
Sekolah LE Sahuagin Evil, Law, Strength, War trident
Semuanya N Lizardfolk Animal, Plant, Scalykind, Water greatclub
Shekinester N Nagas Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Rune bite or dagger
Skoraeus Stonebones N Stone giants Earth, Healing, Knowledge, Protection warhammer
Sixin LE Xills Evil, Law, Strength, War short sword
Skerrit NG Centaurs Animal, Healing, Plant, Sun spear
Stronmaus CG Storm giants, cloud giants Chaos, Good, Protection, War, Weather warhammer
Surtr LE Fire giants Evil, Fire, Law, Strength, War greatsword
Thrym CE Frost giants Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War greataxe
Vaprak CE Ogres, trolls Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength greatclub

The Krynnish Powers (Dragonlance Campaign Setting)

The Powers of Good

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Paladine LG Kingship, guardianship, redemption, good dragons Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, Sun longsword
Branchala CG music, harmony, poetry, beauty Chaos, Charm, Good, Luck, Trickery rapier
Habbakuk NG Animals, hunting, water, rebirth Air, Animal, Good, Travel, Water scimitar
Kiri-Jolith LG War, courage, honour, solidarity Glory, Good, Law, Strength, War greatsword
Majere LG Discipline, meditation, thought, industry Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection unarmed strike
Mishakal NG Healing, mercy, the home, compassion Community, Good, Healing, Liberation, Protection quarterstaff

The Powers of Neutrality

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Gilean N Knowledge, balance, watchfulness, freedom Community, Knowledge, Liberation, Protection, Rune sling
Chislev N Nature, wilderness, beasts, the seasons Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, Weather spear
Reorx N Creation, mountains, metal, luck, pride Artifice, Earth, Fire, Luck, Strength warhammer
Shinare LN Wealth, enterprise, communication, travel Community, Law, Luck, Nobility, Travel halberd
Sirrion CN Fire, creativity, passion, renewal Chaos, Charm, Fire, Glory, Strength heavy flail
Zivilyn N Wisdom, foresight, prophecy, enlightenment Luck, Knowledge, Repose, Rune club

The Powers of Evil

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Takhisis LE Domination, hatred, evil dragons, intrigue, night Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Law, Trickery heavy mace
Chemosh NE Death, the undead, murder, false hope Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery scythe
Hiddukel CE Greed, lies, thieves, secrets Chaos, Charm, Evil, Luck, Trickery dagger
Morgion NE Disease, famine, poison, vermin, suffering, madness Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Plant morningstar
Sargonnas LE Vengeance, war, conquest, rage Evil, Fire, Law, Strength, War greataxe
Zeboim CE Oceans, storms, jealousy, spite Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water, Weather trident

The Faerûnian Pantheon (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting / Player’s Guide to Faerûn)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Akadi N elemental air, movement, speed, flying creatures Air, Travel, Trickery heavy flail
Auril NE cold, winter Air, Evil, Weather battleaxe
Azuth LN wizards, mages, spellcasters in general Magic, Knowledge, Law quarterstaff
Bane LE hatred, tyrrany, fear Destruction, Evil, Law morningstar
Beshaba CE random mischief, misfortune, bad luck, accidents Chaos, Evil, Luck, Trickery scourge
Chauntea NG agriculture, farmers, gardeners, summer Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection scythe
Cyric CE murder, lies, intrigue, strife, deception, illusion Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery longsword
Deneir LG glyphs, images, literature, scribes, cartography Good, Knowledge, Protection, Rune dagger
Eldath NG quiet places, springs, pools, peace, waterfalls Community, Good, Plant, Protection, Water net
Finder Wyvernspur CN cycle of life, transformation of art, saurials Chaos, Charm, Scalykind bastard sword
Garagos CN war, skill-at-arms, destruction, plunder Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War longsword
Gargauth LE betrayal, cruelty, political corruption, powerbrokers Charm, Evil, Law, Trickery dagger or throwing dagger
Gond N artifice, craft, construction, smithwork Artifice, Earth, Fire, Knowledge warhammer
Grumbar N elemental earth, solidity, changelessness, oaths Earth warhammer
Gwaeron Windstorm NG tracking, rangers of the North Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Travel greatsword
Helm LN guardians, protectors, protection Law, Protection, Strength bastard sword
Hoar LN revenge, retribution, poetic justice Law, Travel javelin
Ilmater LG endurance, suffering, martyrdom, perseverance Good, Healing, Law, Strength unarmed strike
Istishia N elemental water, purification, wetness Destruction, Travel, Water, Weather warhammer
Jergal LN fatalism, proper burial, guardian of tombs Law, Repose, Rune scythe
Kelemvor LN death, the dead Law, Protection, Repose, Travel bastard sword
Kossuth N (LN) elemental fire, purification through fire Destruction, Fire spiked chain
Lathander NG spring, dawn, birth, youth, vitality, athletics Good, Nobility, Protection, Strength, Sun light or heavy mace
Lliira CG joy, happiness, dance, festivals, freedom, liberty Chaos, Charm, Community, Good, Liberation, Travel shuriken
Loviatar LE pain, hurt, agony, torment, suffering, torture Evil, Law, Strength scourge
Lurue CG talking beasts, intelligent nonhumanoid creatures Animal, Chaos, Good, Healing shortspear
Malar CE hunters, stalking, bloodlust, evil lycanthropes Animal, Chaos, Evil, Strength claw bracer
Mask NE thieves, thievery, shadows Darkness, Evil, Luck, Trickery longsword
Mielikki NG forests, forest creatures, rangers, dryads, autumn Animal, Good, Plant, Travel scimitar
Milil NG poetry, song, eloquence Charm, Good, Knowledge, Nobility rapier
Mystra NG (LN) magic, spells, the Weave Good, Knowledge, Magic, Rune shuriken
Nobanion LG royalty, lions and feline beasts, good beasts Animal, Good, Law, Nobility heavy pick
Oghma N knowledge, invention, inspiration, bards Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery longsword
Red Knight LN strategy, planning, tactics Law, Nobility, War longsword
Savras LN divination, fate, truth Knowledge, Law, Magic dagger
Selune CG moon, stars, navigation, prophecy, questers, good and neutral lycanthropes Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel heavy mace
Shar NE dark, night, loss, forgetfulness, unrevealed secrets, caverns, dungeons, the Underdark Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Madness chakram
Sharess CG hedonism, sensual fulfillment, festhalls, cats Chaos, Charm, Good, Travel, Trickery claw bracer
Shaundakul CN travel, exploration, caravans, portals Air, Chaos, Protection, Travel greatsword
Shiallia NG woodland glades, woodland fertility, the High Forest, Neverwinter Wood Animal, Good, Plant quarterstaff
Siamorphe LN nobles, rightful rule of nobility, human royalty Knowledge, Law, Nobility light mace
Silvanus N wild nature, druids Animal, Plant, Protection, Water maul
Sune CG beauty, love, passion Chaos, Charm, Good, Protection whip
Talona CE disease, poison Chaos, Destruction, Evil unarmed strike
Tempus CN war, battle, warriors Chaos, Protection, Strength, War longspear, shortspear, or half spear
Tiamat LE evil dragons, evil reptiles, greed, Chessenta Evil, Law, Scalykind heavy pick
Torm LG duty, loyalty, obedience, paladins Glory, Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Strength greatsword
Tymora CG good fortune, skill, victory, adventurers Chaos, Good, Luck, Protection, Travel shuriken
Tyr LG justice Glory, Good, Knowledge, Law, War longsword
Ubtao N creation, jungles, Chult, the Chultans, dinosaurs Plant, Protection, Scalykind heavy pick
Ulutiu (slumbering) LN glaciers, polar environments, arctic dwellers Animal, Law, Protection, Weather longspear or shortspear
Umberlee CE oceans, currents, waves, sea winds Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water, Weather trident
Uthgar CN the Uthgardt barbarian tribes, physical strength Animal, Chaos, Strength, War battleaxe
Valkur CG sailors, ships, favourable winds, naval combat Air, Chaos, Good, Protection, Weather cutlass
Velsharoon NE necromancy, necromancers, evil liches, undeath Death, Evil, Magic quarterstaff
Waukeen N trade, money, wealth Knowledge, Protection, Travel nunchaku

The Mulhorandi Pantheon (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting / Player’s Guide to Faerûn )

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Anhur CG war, conflict, physical prowess, thunder, rain Chaos, Good, Strength, War falchion
Geb N the earth, miners, mines, mineral resources Artifice, Earth, Protection quarterstaff
Hathor NG motherhood, folk music, dance, the moon, fate Charm, Community, Good short sword
Horus-Re LG the sun, vengeance, rulership, kings, life Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Sun khopesh
Isis NG weather, rivers, agriculture, love, marriage, good magic Community, Good, Magic, Water, Weather punching dagger
Nephthys CG wealth, trade, protector of children and the dead Chaos, Good, Protection, Trade whip
Osiris LG Vegetation, death, the dead, justice, harvest Good, Law, Plant, Repose light flail or heavy flail
Sebek NE river hazards, crocodiles, werecrocodiles, wetlands Animal, Evil, Scalykind, Water longspear, shortspear, or half spear
Set LE the desert, instruction, drought, night, rot, snakes, hate, betrayal, evil magic, ambition, poison, murder Air, Darkness, Evil, Law, Magic, Scalykind longspear, shortspear, or half spear
Thoth N neutral magic, scribes, knowledge, invention, secrets Artifice, Knowledge, Magic, Rune quarterstaff

The Drow Pantheon (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting / Player’s Guide to Faerûn )

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Eilistraee CG song, beauty, dance, swordwork, hunting, moonlight Chaos, Charm, Good bastard sword
Ghaunadaur CE oozes, slimes, jellies, outcasts, ropers, rebels Chaos, Evil warhammer
Kiaransalee CE undead, vengeance Chaos, Death, Evil dagger
Lolth CE spiders, evil, darkness, chaos, assassins, drow Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Trickery dagger
Selvetarm CE drow warriors Chaos, Evil, War heavy mace
Vhaeraun CE thievery, drow males, evil activity on the surface Chaos, Evil, Travel, Trickery short sword

The Dwarven Pantheon (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting / Player’s Guide to Faerûn )

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Abbathor NE greed Evil, Luck, Trickery dagger
Berronar Truesilver LG safety, honesty, home, healing, the dwarven family, records, marriage, faithfulness, loyalty, oaths Community, Good, Healing, Law, Protection heavy mace
Clangeddin Silverbeard LG battle, war, valor, bravery, honour in battle Glory, Good, Law, Strength, War battleaxe
Deep Duerra (duergar) LE psionics, conquest, expansion Evil, Law, Madness, War battleaxe
Dugmaren Brightmantle CG scholarship, invention, discovery Artifice, Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Rune short sword
Dumathoin N buried wealth, ores, gems, mining, exploration, shield dwarves, guardian of the dead Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Protection maul
Gorm Gulthyn LG guardian of all dwarves, defence, watchfulness Good, Law, Protection, War battleaxe
Haela Brightaxe CG luck in battle, joy of battle, dwarven fighters Chaos, Good, Luck, War greatsword
Laduguer (duergar) LE magic weapon creation, artisans, magic, grey dwarves Artifice, Evil, Law, Magic, Protection warhammer
Marthammor Duin NG guides, explorers, expatriates, travellers, lightning Good, Protection, Travel heavy mace
Moradin LG dwarves, creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft, stonework Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection warhammer
Sharindlar CG healing, mercy, romantic love, fertility, dancing, courtship, the moon Chaos, Charm, Good, Healing whip
Thard Harr CG wild dwarves, jungle survival, hunting Animal, Chaos, Good, Plant spiked gauntlet
Vergadain N wealth, luck, chance, nonevil thieves, suspicion, trickery, negotiation, sly cleverness Luck, Trade, Trickery longsword

The Elven Pantheon (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting / Player’s Guide to Faerûn )

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Aerdrie Faenya CG air, weather, avians, rain, fertility, avariels Air, Animal, Chaos, Elf, Weather quarterstaff
Angharadh CG spring, fertility, planting, birth, defence, wisdom Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Protection longspear or shortspear
Corellon Larethian CG magic, music, arts, crafts, war, the elven race (especially sun elves), poetry, bards, warriors Chaos, Good, Magic, Protection, War longsword
Deep Sashelas CG oceans, sea elves, creation, knowledge Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Water trident
Erevan Ilesere CN mischief, change, rogues Chaos, Luck, Trickery short sword
Fenmarel Mestarine CG feral elves, outcasts, scapegoats, isolation Animal, Chaos, Liberation, Plant, Travel dagger
Hanali Celanil CG love, romance, beauty, enchantments, magic item artistry, fine art, and artists Artifice, Chaos, Charm, Good, Magic, Protection dagger
Labelas Enoreth CG time, longevity, the moment of choice, history Chaos, Good, Knowledge quarterstaff
Rillifane Rallathil CG woodlands, nature, wild elves, druids Chaos, Good, Plant, Protection quarterstaff
Sehanine Moonbow CG mysticism, dreams, death, journeys, transcendence, the moon, the stars, the heavens, moon elves Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Travel, Void quarterstaff
Shevarash CN hatred of the drow, vengeance, crusades, loss Chaos, War longbow
Solonor Thelandira CG archery, hunting, wilderness survival Chaos, Good, Plant, War longbow

The Gnome Pantheon (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting / Player’s Guide to Faerûn )

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Baervan Wildwanderer NG forests, travel, nature Animal, Good, Plant, Travel halfspear
Baravar Cloakshadow NG illusions, deception, traps, wards Good, Protection, Trickery dagger
Callarduran Smoothhands N stone, the Underdark, mining, the svirfneblin Artifice, Darkness, Earth battleaxe
Flandal Steelskin NG mining, physical fitness, smithing, metalworking Artifice, Good, Strength warhammer
Gaerdal Ironhand LG vigilance, combat, martial defence Good, Law, Protection, War warhammer
Garl Glittergold LG protection, humour, trickery, gemcutting, gnomes Artifice, Good, Law, Protection, Trickery battleaxe
Segojan Earthcaller NG earth, nature, the dead Earth, Good, Repose heavy mace
Urdlen CE greed, bloodlust, evil, hatred, uncontrolled impulse, spriggans Chaos, Earth, Evil claw bracer

The Halfling Pantheon (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting / Player’s Guide to Faerûn )

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Arvoreen LG defence, war, vigilance, halfling warriors, duty Good, Law, Protection, War short sword
Brandobaris N stealth, thievery, adventuring, halfling rogues Luck, Travel, Trickery dagger
Cyrrollalee LG friendship, trust, the hearth, hospitality, crafts Community, Good, Law club
Sheela Peryroyl N nature, agriculture, weather, song, dance, beauty, romantic love Air, Charm, Plant, Weather sickle
Urogalan LN earth, death, protection of the dead Earth, Law, Protection, Repose any flail
Yondalla LG protection, bounty, halflings, children, security, leadership, wisdom, creation, family, tradition Community, Good, Law, Protection short sword

The Orc Pantheon (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting / Player’s Guide to Faerûn )

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Bahgtru CE loyalty, stupidity, brute strength Chaos, Evil, Strength spiked gauntlet
Gruumsh CE orcs, conquest, survival, strength, territory Chaos, Evil, Strength, War longspear or shortspear
Ilneval NE war, combat, overwhelming numbers, strategy Destruction, Evil, War longsword
Luthic NE caves, orc females, home, wisdom, fertility, healing, servitude Community, Earth, Evil, Healing claw bracer
Shargaas CE night, thieves, stealth, darkness, Underdark Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Trickery short sword
Yurtrus NE death, disease Death, Destruction, Evil unarmed strike

Powers of Eberron (Eberron Campaign Setting / Faiths of Eberron)

Deity, Cult, or Pantheon AL Domains Fav Weapon
Boldrei LG Community, Good, Law, Protection spear
Dol Arrah LG Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War halberd
Silver Flame, The LG Good, Law, Protection longbow
Arawal NG Good, Plant, Weather morningstar
Olladra NG Good, Healing, Luck sickle
Onatar NG Artifice, Fire, Good warhammer
Sovereign Host (pantheon) NG Choose two from any underlined deities longsword
Undying Court, The NG Good, Protection scimitar
Dol Dorn CG Chaos, Good, Liberation, Strength, War longsword
Aureon LN Knowledge, Law, Magic quarterstaff
Path of Light, The LN Law, Protection unarmed strike
Balinor N Air, Animal, Earth battleaxe
Becoming God, The N Artifice, Strength slam/gauntlet
Kol Korran N Charm, Travel heavy mace
Spirits of the Past, The N Destruction, Protection, War double scimitar
Traveller, The CN Artifice, Chaos, Charm, Liberation, Travel, Trickery scimitar
Blood of Vol, The LE Death, Evil, Law dagger
Lord of Blades, The LE Artifice, Evil, Law, War greatsword
Dark Six (pantheon) NE Choose two from any italicized deities kama
Devourer, The NE Destruction, Evil, Water, Weather trident
Dragon Below, Cults of NE Darkness, Earth, Evil, Madness heavy pick
Fury, The NE Evil, Liberation, Madness rapier
Keeper, The NE Death, Evil scythe
Mockery, The NE Destruction, Evil, Trickery, War kama
Shadow, The
CE Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Magic quarterstaff

The Draconic Pantheon (Draconomicon / Races of the Dragon)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Aasterinian CN learning, invention, pleasure Chaos, Charm, Luck, Travel, Trickery scimitar
Astilabor N acquistiveness, status, wealth Protection scimitar
Bahamut LG good dragons, wind, wisdom Air, Good, Luck, Nobility, Protection heavy pick
Chronepsis N fate, death, judgement Knowledge, Repose scythe
Falazure NE decay, death, exhaustion Darkness, Death, Evil scimitar
Garyx CE fire, destruction, renewal Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire sickle
Hlal CG humour, storytelling, inspiration Chaos, Good, Rune, Trickery short sword
Io N dragonkind, balance, peace Knowledge, Magic, Strength, Travel scimitar
Lendys LN balance, justice Destruction, Law, Protection longsword
Tamara NG life, light, mercy Community, Good, Healing, Strength, Sun scimitar
Tiamat LE evil dragons, conquest, greed Destruction, Evil, Law, Scalykind, Trickery heavy pick
Kurtulmak LE kobolds, trapmaking, mining, war Evil, Law, Luck, Trickery spear

Undead Powers (Libris Mortis)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Afflux NE Inquiry, necromancy, death Death, Evil, Knowledge short sword
Doresain CE Necromancy, ghouls Chaos, Death, Evil scimitar
Evening Glory N Love, beauty immortality Chaos, Charm, Good dagger
Nerull NE Death, darkness, underworld, murder Darkness, Death, Evil, Trickery scythe
Orcus CE Undeath, revenge Chaos, Darkness, Death, Evil mace

Aberration Powers (Lords of Madness)

Deity AL Domains Fav Weapon
Ghaunadaur CE Chaos, Evil warhammer
The Great Mother LE Law, Evil, Strength greataxe
Ilsenine LE Evil, Knowledge, Law, Magic unarmed strike
The Patient One NE Evil light flail
Mak Thuum Ngatha CE Destruction, Knowledge, Madness, Travel morningstar
Tharizdun NE Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness dagger

Human Powers (Races of Destiny)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Urbanus NG Cities, growth improvement Good, Knowledge, Protection heavy mace
Zarus LE Humanity, domination, perfection Evil, Law, Strength, War greatsword

The Illumian Pantheon (Races of Destiny)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Tarmuid LN Illumians, magic, languages Magic, Protection, Law warhammer
Glautru N Prophecy, fate, life and death Death, Fire, Healing longsword
Soorinek LE Intrigue, secrets, betrayal Evil, Luck, Trickery scimitar
Syeret CG Inspiration, light, creativity Chaos, Sun, Travel mace
Wathaku NE Entropy, wrath, endings Destruction, Evil, Strength morningstar

Dwarven Powers (Races of Stone)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Maradin LG dwarves, creation, smithing, engineering, war Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection warhammer
Hanseath CN war, carousing, alcohol Chaos, Strength, Travel, War greataxe
Laduguer LE magic weapons, artisans, duergar Artifice, Evil, Law, Magic, Protection warhammer
Mya LG clan, family, wisdom Community, Good, Healing, Knowledge morningstar
Roknar NE greed, intrigue, lies, earth Destruction, Earth, Evil, Trickery dagger
Tharmekhûl N the forge, fire, warfare Destruction, Fire, War warhammer
Thautam N magic, darkness Darkness, Earth, Luck, Magic heavy pick
Valkauna LN oaths, death, birth Law, Repose, Water heavy flail

Gnomish Powers (Races of Stone)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Garl Glittergold NG gnomes, humour, wit, illusion, gemcutting, jewellerymaking Artifice, Good, Protection, Trickery battleaxe
Callarduran Smoothhands N svirfneblin, secrecy Earth, Good, Healing, Protection battleaxe
Gelf Darkhearth CN entropy, revenge Chaos, Destruction, War warhammer
The Glutton CE disaster, greed Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength heavy mace
Rill Cleverthrush LN invention, creation, sky Air, Knowledge, Magic, Travel longsword
Sheyanna Flaxenstrand CG love, beauty, passion Chaos, Charm, Fire, Good, Healing heavy flail

The Goliath Pantheon (Races of Stone)

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Fav Weapon
Kavaki, the Ram-Lord N goliaths, competition Protection, Strength, Travel, War greatclub
Kuliak, the Dead Goddess N the dead, exiles Death, Magic, Travel, Water morningstar
Manethak, the Wise Hunter N hunting, lore Animal, Knowledge, Luck, Rune spear
Naki-Uthai, the Brave Climber N mountains, climbing, bravery Earth, Strength, Sun heavy pick
Theleya, the Fertile One N fertility, growth Healing, Magic, Plant sickle
Vanua, the Harbinger of Woe N natural disasters, misfortune Destruction, Fire, Trickery heavy flail

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