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The Factions

Information about the 15 factions of Planescape. May also include information about sects and other similar organizations.

Revised Faction Abilities

Ever since I first posted my version of the faction abilities for Pathfinder, I have been wanting to update them to more closely resemble the faction abilities as presented in The Factol’s Manifesto. My problem (and the reason it took me five years to figure out) was three-fold: 1) many of the abilities seem awfully over-powered; 2) many of the abilities seem unbalanced when compared to each other; 3) all these abilities could get very complex, especially if you have to deal with some players who aren’t overly interested in the factions.

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Faction Abilities

Presented here are options for Planescape faction abilities for Pathfinder RPG. These abilities are based on those originally presented in the Planescape Campaign Setting box set, and are intended to replicate the style of the benefits and restrictions without unnecessary detail. Changes in the rules since AD&D Second Edition have made some changes to the abilities necessary, but the feel of the abilities should still be there. No attempts to balance the abilities were made, just straight translations keeping as close to the original flavour as possible. Which means, for example, that the trade-off for the Doomguard still sucks, but the Fated get an awesome ability.
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