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Well of Worlds

Updated 9 Jun 2015: Added Chapter VII: Recruiters

The first of several adventure anthologies published for Planescape, Well of Worlds is a collection of nine short, un-releated adventures of varying quality. Some of the adventures set the seeds for later encounters and adventures, and the seventh adventure “Recruiters” includes a brief call-back to Green Marvent and the Illuminated from The Eternal Boundary.

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The enigmatic sage Rule-of-Three dispenses cryptic advice from the Styx Oarsman, a shadowy kip in the Lower Ward that caters to tanar’ri. He didn’t figure heavily into the published modules during the initial Planescape run, although he was featured in the adventure Nemesis from Dungeon Magazine #60. He was a major player in the v.3.5 mega-adventure Expedition to the Demonweb Pits.

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